Environmental Protection


Green IT

At OUTSCALE, we are convinced that the future of an IT player and of a sustainable company is built as much on social and environmental pillars as on economic and technological foundations. That is why our teams aim to integrate the ecological dimension right from the beginning of each project. This goal can only be reached with a collective approach which takes into account all the parties. We work with selected partners who share the same goal: minimize the carbon footprint of Cloud-related activities. Here is how.










Energy Efficiency

– all our datacenter suppliers in Europe are certified ISO 50001 for their energy management and ISO 14001 for their environmental management;

– since 2021, we have committed to the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact which aims for carbon neutrality by 2030 for Cloud providers and datacenters;

– we take into consideration the impact of our commitments. Check out our infographics « Le Cloud à l’épreuve de l’éco-responsabilité ».




renewable energy in our offices and in the datacenters we partner with


energy consumption per server in our partner datacenters between 2019 and 2020



End of Life management for IT Equipment  

We have established a partnership with Conibi in order to recycle our electrical and electronic equipment.

Finally, for our servers nearing their end of life, we prioritize reusing equipment, reselling to brokers, donating, or recycling as a last resort.






Circular Economy

Reusing: We recondition part of our hardware and support initiatives like swapping between coworkers with projects such as Goodscale and our book donation box, or sharing sustainable practices, for example through our video series Positive Makers.

Recycling: Since 2020, we have decided to entrust ELISEwith sorting and reusing our office waste thanks to recycling bins placed in our relaxation areas.




Employee Transport Plan

Our employee transport plan was adopted in 2020 and has enabled us to implement:

  • a bike storage room,
  • financial help for purchasing bike or scooter equipment,
  • a sustainable mobility plan for coworkers using sustainable transportation,
  • an electrical and hybrid fleet of vehicles,
  • etc.




electric and hybrid cars in our fleet



Introducing OUTSCALE Cycling Club

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