Respect for Individual Rights



Duty of Care and Fundamental Rights

In all our activities, we have a duty of care regarding the respect of individual rights.

As employers, we meet our obligation to implement a harassment prevention system allowing us to act fast in the event of an alert. As such, we have nominated an “harassment point of contact” among our works council members.

Subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, OUTSCALE also applies their whistleblowing procedure.



Towards a More Inclusive Digital Future



of the workforce is female in 2021


Gender equity score in 2021




Gender pay gap


Gender gap in pay raises


of employees were granted with pay raise within a year after their maternity leave


of female employees among 10 employees who were granted with the highest salaries




Gender equality


We are mindful of the gender diversity, equity and inclusion in our teams, especially regarding the gender pay gap. We are taking actions so that this balance and equality can effectively transpire within OUTSCALE, operating within a notoriously male dominated industry that is notorious for being male dominated. We are committed to: 


    • Achieve a higher gender mix in the company’s technical teams, despite the current shortage of some skill sets in the market.


    • Increase the number of internal and external hires of the under-represented gender in positions where it is under-represented, between June 2022 and May 2023, compared to the period June 2021 to May 2022


    • Adjust salary policy to address wage disparities when identified. 


    • Reduce the gap between the year 2022 and the year 2023 (according to the calculation provided by the gender equality index).



Women4Tech program presentation during CLOUD DAYS, June 2022.



We are proud of our initiative OUTSCALE for Women (French only), which aims to raise awareness among women about IT jobs, starting from middle school, through:


  • testimonies from our female coworkers ; 
  • job shadowing ; 
  • targeted programs, such as Women4Tech, which focuses on the integration of women undergoing a career change.


Integration of people with disabilities


Our commitment to the integration of priority populations and people with disabilities is illustrated by internal awareness training for disability disclosure such as our monthly awareness campaign led in collaboration with theAgefiph in 2021.

Our recruiting team is in contact with Cap emploi 92 and lists all our job offers on Agefiph’s website.



Personal Data Protection

We are transparent on our personal data management procedures and make sure data is securely processed.

This commitment is demonstrated by our ISO 27001-27017-27018 and HDS certifications. 3DS OUTSCALE is also SecNumCloud qualified. Finally, our teams are trained on a regular basis.



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