Responsible Governance



A Strong Commitment from our Management

CSR is an approach that was strongly advocated for and emphasized by our management.

Laurent Seror, founder and CEO of OUTSCALE, regularly reasserts the strength of our CSR commitments. Indeed, during our CLOUD DAYS 2021 event, he had the honor of receiving the certification of the LUCIE 26000 label renewal and discussed key CSR issues with the Head of Operations of the LUCIE agency (French only)..


Saliha Mariet from Label RSE LUCIE at CLOUD DAYS 2021



CSR Is Everyone’s Business!


Our CSR committee meets monthly to approve and follow the various actions of OUTSCALE’s CSR policy, thus ensuring that the values and commitments embraced by the company are respected.

The biannual management review is the opportunity to make a complete assessment of ongoing projects and to evaluate the performance level reached through the various objectives set. As such, the CSR awareness and audit program is systematically monitored.





Our CSR awareness plan addresses many subjects:



Sustainable transport

Waste management

Sustainable digital technology



Psychosocial risks management

Road safety

Work-life balance and working conditions


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