CLOUD DAYS 2023 – Ushering in the era of Experience as a Service



Saint-Cloud, June 13, 2023 – OUTSCALE, Dassault Systèmes’ cloud brand and the leading operator of trusted Business Experience as a Service, takes stock of the announcements made during the CLOUD DAYS, its flagship event gathering all the players of the European digital innovation landscape.

OUTSCALE brings together the entire European digital ecosystem for an exclusive day focusing on business experiences and cyber governance. OUTSCALE’s ambition is to enable any citizen, patient, consumer, company and public administration to take advantage of technology, while guaranteeing the sovereignty and security of their personal, industrial and public data, and to do so in a resilient, sustainable way by 2030.

We are entering a new era, the age of Experience as a Service, building on an eco-conscious approach, on cutting-edge technologies like the virtual twin that shape our interactions in order to connect people with ideas, data and solutions.

To this end, 6 major announcements were made on that day.

A new chapter is opening for OUTSCALE

1/ OUTSCALE’s new strategy

OUTSCALE, a Dassault Systèmes, brand and the leading sovereign and sustainable operator of Trusted Business Experience as a Service, is expanding its trusted cloud offering by providing industrial companies and public organizations with sovereign environments. The OUTSCALE portfolio leverages the company’s extensive knowledge and know-how to host all its own platforms on a scalable cloud.

With its sovereign cloud, OUTSCALE strengthens its position as a strategic partner via OUTSCALE Marketplace and NumSpot, enabling institutions and companies that have to process sensitive data and applications to improve their digital autonomy through three levels of cloud experience:

  • International cloud: an international cloud for secured collaboration;

  • Sovereign cloud: a private cloud for trusted collaboration within a common legal and fiscal space;

  • Dedicated cloud: a dedicated cloud for sovereign collaboration in a customer’s space;

Besides providing its sovereign, trusted environments to industrial companies and public organizations, OUTSCALE builds on three fundamental principles that inform its overall strategy: Sovereignty, Security and Sustainability. This approach enables its clients to carry on with their use of the multi-cloud, using the sovereign cloud to host their confidential data and the international cloud or any other supplier for other types of data. This way, OUTSCALE offers its clients the flexibility they need to meet their own challenges.

For the last 12 years, OUTSCALE has been supporting the strategic digital autonomy of France and Europe by offering a trusted, industry-ready, recognized cloud, making it possible for public and private organizations to rely on the first cloud infrastructure coming with certifications such as SecNumCloud (issued by ANSSI since 2019), HDS (Health Data) and ISO 27001.

2/ Business Experience at the heart of operations

In an increasingly digital world, data has become the cornerstone of any organization’s strategy. In the current economy of use and experience, OUTSCALE announces OUTSCALE Business Experience, a virtual twin for companies. Drawing on the know-how developed by Dassault Systèmes across the world, OUTSCALE empowers public organizations and companies across industry sectors to fully harness the power of their data, to optimize their operations and processes and to facilitate collaboration, thereby ushering in the age of Experience as a Service.

OUTSCALE Business Experience gives organizations the opportunity to generate value by breaking down business data silos and by making it easier for all the departments of the company to access and harness this data.

OUTSCALE’s Business Experience is based on three strategic principles:

  • data science : data analytics combined with prediction, simulation and process automation capabilities, thanks in particular to the use of AI.

  • business processes: modeling, organization and automation of business processes.

  • collaborative environment: shared access to common knowledge.

In concrete terms, the combination of these three principles, which calls for an informed governance strategy, gives public and private organizations the opportunity to create a digital replica of their systems and processes so they can analyze them, make simulations and optimize them, and ultimately increase their productivity and competitiveness. This approach makes it possible to introduce within the organization a new experience of work that will generate value for businesses by giving them control over the optimization of their business processes and the security of their data in OUTSCALE’s sovereign cloud environment.

Developing cutting-edge innovation to maintain its leadership

3/ Next-generation CPUs and GPUs: the need for high performance and sovereignty to keep pace with the growing use of AI

Driven by the ambition to offer increasingly high-performance, cutting-edge tools, OUTSCALE continually improves its portfolio of technology in order to provide a first-class service that is perfectly in line with its customers’ current challenges.

With this in mind, OUTSCALE announces the introduction of a new range of next-generation CPUs (Ice Lake and Kaby Lake) that will come with increased computing power, workflow processing speed and energy efficiency. This new generation of processors, more suited to current user requirements, will provide among other things a better user experience and faster task execution.

A GPU service that is unparalleled in France: GPU services integrated to the SecNumCloud qualified Public Sector Cloud offer

Along with the improvements of its CPUs, OUTSCALE announced the integration of the new NVIDIA GPU A100 graphics cards to its catalog. These GPUs are designed to deliver high-performance graphics horsepower, making it possible to explore new horizons and experience total immersion through 3D modeling and other more demanding simulations. From creating realistic virtual worlds to generating breathtaking visual effects, the GPU 100A are capable of bringing the most complex projects to life.

4/ OUTSCALE provides further guarantees of security with the SOC 2 Type 2 certification

OUTSCALE has initiated steps to acquire the SOC 2 Type 2 certification, a framework that certifies the security measures implemented in order to protect client data in the cloud. Through this process, OUTSCALE reasserts its commitment to offering its clients the highest level of compliance and security. This certification complementing ISO 27001 is the opportunity for the company to shed light on the security safeguards it implements to protect its clients’ data. The checks carried out will lead to the production of a report accessible to the clients, making it easier for them to conduct their own audits as they will not have to commission OUTSCALE to do so.

5/ A new version of OUTSCALE Marketplace, with an improved one-stop-shop

OUTSCALE announces the availability of the latest version of its marketplace, a one-stop-shop bringing together a number of best-in-class technology solutions from partners which are experts in their field. Through this platform, OUTSCALE empowers public and private organizations to accelerate their digitalization while harnessing solutions tailored to meet their requirements in terms of trust and economic competitiveness.

The advantages of the new version of the Marketplace include:

  • A wide array of solutions in various areas of expertise: cyber security, collaboration, development, etc.

  • A choice of governance: International Cloud or Sovereign Cloud

  • A rate simulator allowing for the optimization of budgets

  • A single invoice, for simplified administration

Developing partnerships with high-profile companies

6/ OUTSCALE is committed to making Europe the leader of digital through the DOME project

OUTSCALE announces its participation in the DOME project. Launched by a Consortium of 38 European organizations from 14 countries, this project aims to support cloud-to-edge infrastructure and services in Europe.

DOME’s main objective is to federate the different existing cloud service marketplaces and platforms to provide users with easy access to a variety of digital services, while ensuring them the platform is operated according to security, energy and resource efficiency, data protection, and portability requirements.

DOME will take the form of an online catalog of existing cloud-to-edge based service offerings. These services will be available through a collection of independent marketplaces connected to the offering of cloud and platform providers.
OUTSCALE will bring its technical and strategic expertise in cloud services and data management to the DOME project, helping to define the architecture and to devise the features of the DOME Marketplace. In addition, the OUTSCALE Marketplace, with its trusted ecosystem and wide range of solutions, will also be integrating the DOME portal.

As cloud computing is now seen as an essential part of Europe’s digital future, the European Commission actively supports the deployment of cloud-to-edge infrastructure and services to improve the availability of trusted cloud and edge services.


3DS OUTSCALE, a Dassault Systèmes brand, is the leading sovereign and sustainable operator of Trusted Business Experience as a Service. We revolutionize the way organizations operate with our virtual twin approach, thereby empowering public organizations and companies across industry sectors to fully harness the power of their data, to optimize their operations and processes while fostering collaboration. At OUTSCALE, we put sovereignty at the heart of our solutions, enabling our clients to have full control over their strategic information while taking advantage of our cyber governance and cloud experience. As a responsible company, we optimize the energy efficiency of our infrastructure and encourage our clients to adopt sustainable practices. To learn more about our innovative solutions, visit


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