Block Storage

Block Storage Unit (BSU)

The Block Storage Unit (BSU) solution allows you to create and attach block storage volumes to your Virtual machines.

For each VM, a system volume is automatically created and attached to it to store all of the operating system’s data. You can create additional storage volumes with the storage capacity of your choice within its availability zone in the Public Cloud or VPC.





The data stored in a volume is persistent and available for as long as the volume exists.

The IOPS (Input/Output per second) measurement corresponds to the number of reads and writes that can be made to the volume per second.

You can backup your data by making snapshots of your volumes, or a copy of your volume at a given time, allowing you to create a backup of your data and recreate a similar volume (in the same region or not) and share it with other users.





  • Elasticity: Create storage volumes and add them to your VM easily
  • On-Demand flexibility: Scale your block storage capacities quickly to match your needs:  up to 36,000 IOPS per VM and 16 TiB per volume
  • Data back-up: Your data is backed up and can be recovered through copies or snapshots of your drives
  • Availability rate for Block Storage infrastructure of 99,7%


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