FCU (Flexible Compute Unit)

With FCU (Flexible Compute Unit), you can have the computing capacity you need and use it easily.

You control all of your Cloud resources, quickly configuring and managing them according to your needs.  

3DS OUTSCALE provides Cockpit: a web interface for you to deploy your IT resources. In addition to the API, you can use Cockpit and benefit from totally elastic Cloud resources.

Choose from among the 3 types of Virtual Machines:


Configure your machines according to your needs!

Composed of calculation, storage and memory elements defined according to your needs and workloads, 3DS OUTSCALE virtual machines offer you virtualization features for a wide range of Cloud solutions for various use cases: test environment, application execution…

On Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server and Oracle, you configure your machines or choose between different machine images (software configurations) used as templates for the launch machines.



Allocation of virtual machines

To get the most out of your resources, you have the freedom to place your machines on servers that are dedicated solely to your account. Please contact our teams.

Reserved virtual machines

To benefit from price discounts and sufficient capacity to launch your projects, you can freely reserve the virtual machines you want.  


Start your machines!




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