Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Did you know that TINA, 3DS OUTSCALE’s orchestrator, allows you to create Virtual Cloud subsets totally isolated from each other, called Virtual Private Cloud? Now you do.

3DS OUTSCALE’s VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) provides a Cloud resource space that is totally isolated from other clouds to deploy your resources. Take control of your VPC environment with complete freedom to configure your IaaS resources in terms of computing, storage volumes and modes, networking, and governance services.

Here are some characteristics:

  • Each Client can create one or more VPCs completely isolated from each other
  • The subnets to be used in each VPC is left up to the client
  • 2 or more VPCs can be connected by a VPC link, potentially with another TINA architecture such as ToP

DirectLink in the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


In order to bring more elasticity of private infrastructure, 3DS OUTSCALE provides a complementary offer to the VPC offer: DirectLink.

DirectLink is a private link that allows a direct access to the resources hosted in a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) without passing through a public network.

By integrating this service in the VPC, clients manage their own network in an isolated space securely while enjoying high bandwidth rates and low latencies.

Connection with multiple VPC is available. 


  • Preserve private IP address.
  • Low latency for Data streams.
  • Elasticity of private infrastructure.
  • Control of bandwidth traffic: 100 Mbit/s, 1Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s.
  • A certified infrastructure you can trust: 3DS OUTSCALE is ISO/IEC 27001 certified .
  • Optimal security of dedicated link.




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