SSD storage with guaranteed performance

Do you want to manage access time to your data, such as your databases? The BSU ENTERPRISE (SSD storage) offer is designed for applications with demanding read and write (input/output) requirements.  


BSU ENTERPRISE lets you access your data more quickly and define the number of IOPS (input/output per second) you need to use your data. The volumes enable persistent storage of your data.



BSU ENTERPRISE operates SSD (Solid-State Drive) type physical storage, which uses a flash memory in order to achieve instantaneous start-up and loading. BSU ENTERPRISE is designed for workloads that require a high rate of IOPS with guaranteed performance. 

In addition to BSU ENTERPRISE, you can also opt for an extra connected drive providing even lower levels of disk latency: Ephemeral.


Characteristics of the BSU ENTERPRISE offer:

  • Flash-based SSD technology
  • Up to 13,000 IOPS guaranteed
  • Equivalent to 24 drives (SAS 15k RPM in Raid5)
  • io1-type drive (with a performance ratio of 1 for 30 IOPS per Gigabyte): with 10,000 IOPS, you obtain 33 Gigabytes.



  • Latency reduced to just a few milliseconds
  • Rapidity and performance: up to 5 million SSD Flash-based IOPS
  • Snapshots available: instantaneous copies of your data.
  • High data access resilience
  • IOPS management: ideal for data and applications requiring high rates of I/O 

  • High availability rate for Block Storage infrastructure of 99,7%




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