Standard HDD storage

Are you looking for a standard storage solution for your everyday tasks that offers good value for money and a fixed number of IOPS? BSU MAGNETIC (HDD storage) is perfect for this kind of use. 



Based on hard-disk drive technology, BSU MAGNETIC is a block storage solution designed for so-called cold storage tasks that do not required a large number of IOPS (less than 250 IOPS in write mode and 150 in read mode). 

BSU MAGNETIC offers you a cost-effective storage solution from just €0.07 excl. tax per GiB per month (Guide price: See pricing details

When starting your Virtual machine, and by choosing the block mode storage solution, you will automatically benefit from BSU MAGNETIC, offering low-cost storage capacities.  

If your data requires more volume and speed, you are recommended to opt for the BSU ENTERPRISE offer so you can define the ideal number of IOPS for your workload.


Characteristics of the BSU MAGNETIC offer:

  • 150 IOPS in read mode
  • 250 in write mode (snapshot)
  • 450 IOPS in burst mode
  • Equivalent to 3 SATA drives in Raid5
  • Minimum 1 GiB
  • Maximum of 16 TiB in volume size



  • Faster disks: Lets you create VMs that equate to standard market servers fitted with faster drives.
  • Management of IOPS use: Fixed number of IOPS in read mode  



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