Customized Virtual Machines


Unlike traditional predefined and standard virtual machine providers, 3DS OUTSCALE allows you to create your own high-performance, fully customized virtual machines in very high proportions.

You directly customize the number of CPUs and the amount of RAM according to your needs. This allows you to create each custom virtual machine to meet your requirements and optimize your Cloud infrastructure, including in terms of costs.

By API or via the Cockpit console, you can directly customize your machines by choosing: a number of CPU, a quantity of RAM, the processor family (Intel or AMD of the latest generation), graphics processor (GPU), and storage disks.

You choose the configuration that best suits your workloads and benefit from more transparent pricing.



Each virtual machine (VM) has a performance option chosen from 3 levels: Medium, High or Highest (more information on performance options). This option can be modified via the Cockpit web interface and by API. This way your virtual machines will have the desired level of performance in total adequacy with your use.

Your virtual machines can be customized up to 78 vCores and 1039 GiB of RAM, ready in a few clicks and adapted to different use cases even the most demanding (optimized computing, optimized memory, Big Data,…).


For your graphics rendering, flexible GPUs (fGPUs) can be attached to virtual machines to run graphical workloads (modeling and 3D rendering).

On the virtual machine of your choice with the necessary processor, memory and storage resources, you attach and detach Flexible GPUs (fGPUs) to launch your graphics applications flexibly.


Instantly, you adjust your resources as you see fit. 



Easy to deploy

By API or Cockpit, you can automate the creation and deployment of your virtual machines in the region of your choice.


A machine image catalogue (OMI) is available for you to choose from among the main software configurations, with the possibility of creating your own images.

Pay-per-use payment

By the second, hour, month or year, 3DS OUTSCALE offers you a billing model that is as close as possible to your usage patterns and gives you the agility you need.





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