IaaS Services Catalog


Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is an on-demand Cloud infrastructure solution providing access to computing resources in a fully virtualized environment as well as the possibility to turn your infrastructure in a profit center rather than a cost center. The necessary resources can be accessed within seconds and are paid on demand, based on your consumption.




Virtual Machines

Deploy your systems on OUTSCALE’s virtual servers.

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Flexible Graphical Processing Unit (Flexible GPU)

Allocate a Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) to your account that you can attach to or detach from a virtual machine at any time.

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OUTSCALE Machine Images (OMIs)

Launch virtual machines with predefined configurations and software applications.

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OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS)

Store, manage, and access large amounts of data in the Cloud via API.

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Block Storage Unit

Attach virtual hard drives to virtual machines created in the same Availability Zones.

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Create a point-in-time state of a persistent storage under your responsibility at a given moment.

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External Internet Protocol (EIP)

Transfer IPv4 addresses from one virtual machine to another.

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Access an OUTSCALE Cloud internal network port.

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Connect to your private corporate network securely with an end-to-end encrypted VPN tunnel.

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Virtual Private
Cloud (VPC)

Benefit from an isolated virtual network within the OUTSCALE Cloud.

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Elastic Identity Management (EIM)

Manage security policies for each user attached to your Cloud account.

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Security groups

Manage and control the inbound and outbound flows of virtual machines via sets of rules.

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Managed Services


OUTSCALE Monitoring Services (OMS)

Manage the examination of your activity logs generated when using OUTSCALE services.

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Load Balancing Unit (LBU)

Maximize the availability of your virtual machines and control your network traffic.

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Tools & interface


From your web browser, develop programs able to automatically subscribe to OUTSCALE services.

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OUTSCALE Command Line Interface (OSC CLI)

Interact with the OUTSCALE Cloud securely via a set of connectors.

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Automate the management and deployment of your OUTSCALE Cloud infrastructures with the Terraform plugin, Infrastructure as a Code (IaC).

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Automate the creation of OUTSCALE Machine Images (OMIs).

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OUTSCALE Marketplace 

Discover turnkey services and solutions available on the OUTSCALE Cloud.

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